Stay Focused on YOUR CONTROL.

Fear is the enemy, don't give it control.

Corvid19 is a virus that people recover from. It's not a new virus. We can stop spreading it with healthy hygiene habits which are WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.

When fear is your focus, when fear governs the reasons for your actions, you are not operating in your best interest, you are not in control.

What you CAN do

  • BE cautious

  • FOLLOW CDC recommendations to protect yourself and others.

  • DON'T act in fear.

  • DO ACT in knowledge and a focus on healthy actions that move you past this virus. Fear is the enemy, dont give it control.

Character revealing

We are a community of people who live, love, grow and build with the support of one another. It is these times where character becomes clear. This is where you "practice what you preach". What you believe about the type of person you are is evident when you are under pressure, Your TRUE characteristics shine through.

So what's shining through about you? Are you truly who you say you are?

If you SAY you:

  • care about others, how are you showing that you care?

  • believe in community support, how are you supporting your community?

  • maintain your emotional calm under pressure, are you?

What shines through about you is what, those who look to you for guidance, are learning about you RIGHT NOW! It doesn't matter what you SAY, as much as it matters what you DO.

What are you learning about yourself right now?

Work together not Apart

Ask yourself...

Are you making sure you are safe by doing what's within your control? for your kids? for your family and extended family? as scarity starts to set in?

What are you willing to share?

What do the people who look to you, as an example and role model, see you do and hear you say?

"These are the times that try mens'/womens' souls"

If you're anxious, focused on worry or fear and need help putting this situation in perspective, I'm here to help as your community partner. This is not a sales pitch or business client campaign.

I genuinely want to help our community. I am donating time to talk to you if you are feeling out of control and anxious. Send me a message through the chat and we'll talk, 1 on 1, on the phone.


This virus is not new. It CAN be contained. Don't let fear take control of your actions, words or thoughts. You have CONTROL!


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