Women really DO have Superpowers!

If you're feeling kinda "meh" today. Here's something that should perk you up!

by Pamela Burks

Women have enhanced capabilities and resilient natural instincts. Recent studies show:

  • Women perceive more colors than men and can see more of the world.

  • On average women have stronger immune systems to combat illiness.

  • Women master multitasking (task switching with the ability to return to the place where we left) and can do more in an average day.

  • We have an enhanced sense to detect danger.

  • Women seek help from others when under stress while men turn inward and fight stress alone.

While sensing more and doing more, we don't relax more, nor do we self care more. It's important that we balance our active, physical and emotional daily lives with self-care wellness to maintain lifestyle balance.

Balance your Super woman

With all that we CAN do, we don't transition from our high activity "Wonder Woman" to downtime as our alter ego "Diana Prince". We don't "see" how to do that as easily, nor are we typically comfortable believing "Diana" should have downtime. We'll talk about that another time. :-).

Here are 5 transition tips to balance your "Wonder Woman" with your "Diana Prince".

  • Spend 5 minutes every 4 hours breathing deeply to calm your "runaway" system, relax your shoulder & neck muscles and shift from "panting" mode to a normal breathing mode to return your heart rate and blood pressure to a normal state.

  • Your day should have 4 phases, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Quiet Time. Your Quiet Time can be anytime during the day, when you spend time releasing the worries of the day with meditation, or sit quietly for 15 minutes before bedtime, or drink a soothing, warm beverage or listen to soothing sounds on headphones. As long as it "calms" you it's fair game.

  • Eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks inbetween even if you're on a weight loss plan. Getting enough nutrient rich food is as important as maintaining healthy portions.

  • We know to drink 64 ounces of water each day which can be achieved by drinking 4 bottles of water - one bottle when you get up, one bottle at lunch, one bottle at dinner and one bottle 2 hours before you go to bed. You can drink other beverages but drink the water first. Water keeps your kidneys healthy, the pores in your skin clear and hydration helps you better manage daily problems.

  • Once a day check in with yourself and ask, " How do I feel?". It's important to consider and answer that question at least once a day. If you find that you're NOT OK most of the time, its time to seek assistance.

If your lifestyle does not include healthy habits or enough healthy habits, you can use a Self-Care Blueprint to develop healthier lifestyle habits.

Request infomation via email on Self Care, a Self Care Blueprint or CHLL-Change Habits Live Life coaching can be found here.

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