Which of Your 5 Senses calms you?

by Pamela Burks

You have a "sense" that naturally calms you when you're stressed, feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Hey Lady! 

Does a thunderstorm or rain in the garden calm you?  Does the fragrance of a flower cause you to melt into a smile?  

One of your senses is the source of a natural calming effort on you. 

My husband's stress will melt away listing to the rain.  I'm a multi sense calmer, for me its the small of warm vanilla floating gently through a room with the glow of a fire and I'm wrapped in a soft, cuddly blanket - smell, touch and sight - a trifecta!

What sense causes you to break the tension of the day? 

If you don't know, I recommend you try each each sense to find the one that works best.  During the early fall, most retailers put candels or fragrant wax on sale to get shoppers in the holiday mood.  I take advantage of those 50% off sales to try fragrances I've not tried before.  I love warm vanilla and Christmas Tree to calm me but was surprized to find that I also like Fresh Linen and Spearmint to invigorate me.  I can transform my emotional state with a fragrance!  How cool to find that I have the ability to influence my mood!

What about a Nature CD?  Target and Walmart sell them for under $10 with a different sound on each track.  I even bought a fireplace CD with sound effects for $5!  And of course aerial views of nature, I got hooked on those by watching Aerial America on the Smithsonian Channel. Yep, I'm a nerd!  And even though I live in florida, I still like a soft, snuggly throw!

Remove stress on your way home from work

When your day has been one ugly, big ball of frustration, try my favorite a Warm Vanilla air fragrance in your car vents, wearing soft driving moccasins and listing to my favorite saxophonist on CD. 

If a quick stress reliever will help you get through today click here.

By the time you arrive home your stressful day will have faded in the distance.  Ahhh!

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