The Road to Normal


It's been a while since I said Hello.

I've been adjusting and yeah, the "cabin fever blues" have gotten to me too! I'm tired of being in the house and I'm really, really ready to have the flexibility to move about again. I guess, its true that "You don't truly miss ore appreciate what you have until its...restricted".

I'm hearing rumors of restrictions being lifted. That sounds both good and troublsome.

The road forward is gonna be mixed with as much excitement as it will bring unsettling feelings. We don't know what the conditions will be when we shift down from DEFCON 4. There may still be concerns or restrictions to navigate and it's just plain good sense to be cautious. Nothing that has this type of an affect on people around the world will just disappear in one day.

We need to consider what we WILL do going forward. How will you approach a business greeting...shake hands? What about standing in line at the grocery store with the person behind you coughing without covering the mouth or nose? Hummmm. I want to hope that me and you will be SMART about moving forward without being paranoid.

I want to pull habits and wisdom from all area that I have access to. My mother taught me to cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze to protect others and when the weather is bad (cold and flu season included) to cover my mouth and noise to protect myself. Courtesy was her focus in teaching me "good manners". That worked then and its still GOOD SENSE now.

COVID Lessons

Science and Medicine has taught me to be more AWARE of my surroundings. Burying my head in my cell phone instead of being aware of my environnment like a Food Court or Coffee Shop or Conference Room or Co-working space makes me unaware of what's right in front of me. You've seen the signs for concern but often ignored them in the past. I've learned that wiping down surfaces is not insulting to the person who was there before me but instead it's highly recommended so that I'm safe and the people I go home to are safe too. After all, COVID showed me that the person before me may be a carrier of something without even knowing it. If you're a member of a gym, it's common practice to wipe down a surface before using the equipment, so why not be as careful in other public spaces?

These past few months I was reminded that one "thing" can mimic another. The symptoms of a common cold "feel" like the symptoms of a lot of other things including COVID in the beginning. COVID taught me that self-care is important, not just to me but to others as well. While I'm taking care of others, it's to their advantage and mine to take care of me too. I learned that same lesson in business relationships. Because someone is concerned about me does not mean their choices and decisions won't have negative consequences to me. Concern for me doesn't mean they will make a sacrifice for me. In the last few months, people were concerned about me, but still bought ALL the toliet tissue in the store and didn't leave any for me. Sorry, the toliet tissue "thing" still leaves me scratching my head.

Just pay closer attention and be smart about relationships of all types.

In the coming months, we'll need to adjust our "sentivities".

Going forward what causes your "spidy senses" to alert you, may include situations that you would have ignored last year this time. But we can't live paranoid...that's not living and it's annoying as hell to others!!! COVID REMINDED me that my comfort level can, and is likely to be, very different from those around me...including relatives. What doesn't worry me may be really worrisome to the person sitting next to me. What I learned is....THAT'S OK and IT'S NOT A NEGATIVE AGAINST ME. It's just the way THEY feel. If they "scoot" away from just means there's more room for me :-).

So CAUTIOUS will still be the rule of the day BUT...

It'll be nice to step into the backyard or courtyard and "feel" nature again. I'm looking forward to it!

Virtual Hug, Pamela

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