The Next Step

While this season in our lives is not easy and for some very scary, we know "this too shall pass". When it has passed, how do you see yourself moving forward?

Every life interruption is followed by a season of adjustment, a Reset that creates a NEW normal. What will your new normal look like? Is the prospect of creating a shift, exciting or frightening?

No matter whether you feel thrill or fear, you WILL make a "shift" into the next season. don't have to be afraid, your excitment can be met with the opportunity that tomorrow brings. What you learned about yourself, your family, the work you do, during this season has changed you and will be reflected in your steps into the next season.

I offer you these thoughts as you more forward.

1. Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the shift, the "kid-like" excited anticipation of what's next instead the adult-like dread.

2. Businesses have had to adjust and so job roles may change. DECIDE what you want in a possible change if a change is in your future. Propose adjustments to what the company offers. Take the position of participant not just recipient. To participate you'll need to be prepared to make suggestions/recommendations. Start now to figure out what you might want. You're not a victim of business dictatorship if you step-up as a participant.

3. How will your day-to-day activities change moving forward? Will you try to fallback to your old routines? Have you found better daily routines during this season? Consider integrating the new activities into your daily routines instead of returning to your old auto-routines from the past.

You've grown and adjusted in a way you would not have if not "pushed" by this season. That growth has given you value that you can carry forward. As I share in my RESET NOW podcast, Focus on the value you've gained as you continue to move through this season and decide what you want to carry with you into the next season as your NEW normal.


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