SKIN Self-Care

by Pamela Burks

We've been in the winter season for a few weeks now and if your skin is ANYTHING like mine, it's dying for MORE MOISTURE. Literally dying!!! Dry, flaky, itchy!


Whether your part of country has winter temperatures in the 50's, the 30's or the teens (burrrrrr), this time of year, the cold weather drys your skin and hair out and sweaters and heavy clothing draws moisture out of your skin also. Your skin and hair are struggling on the inside and the outside. They are fighting for their lives this season! Time to "tap in"!

There are two ways you can help protect and preserve your skin and hair during the winter.

You need Moisture!!

While it's great to slather on lotion, sometimes lotions and hair oils don't have the moisturizers your skin and hair need. Some lotions are thin and others are thick. A thin lotion may have more water than moisture ingredients and a heavy, thick lotion or oil may clog your pores and hair follicles. Lotions and Moisturizers.


Since I've been an adult, I've learned that MY skin needs a thinner moisturizer in the summer and a heavier moisturizer in the winter but for both seasons, MOISTURE is the key and a high percentage of water in my lotion will not keep my skin moisturized in warm or cold weather. I had to experiment with different brands to find which delivered the moisture I needed.

  • I experimented with the travel size brands to identify the amount of moisture vs water I need in my lotion.

  • I experimented with the full size brands to decide which was better for summer and which for winter.

  • And I ALWAYS keep a travel size lotion of whatever brand I chose in my purse or pocket when out of the house.


I hate to stop what I'm doing to find a bathroom when I'm out working or playing, so drinking a lot of water, which creates the need to go to the bathroom frequently, is NOT something I did for years and I still struggle with drinking a lot of water...BUT...without adding water to your inside, impurities have "free reign" in your system (blood stream, kidneys, skin and other organs you can't see) and your body doesn't have the cleansing power of water to flush them out. Likewise, we need to give our skin and hair the moisture resources to keep growing and replenishing themselves.

We've gotta give our body systems a "fighting chance" to THRIVE under the harsh conditions of acidic and "binding" foods we eat and the external weather conditions we live and play in.

Without water, our hair and skin can't replenish themselves. Without water our hair strands begin to thin which thin our volume and eventually hair follicles die which thins out the amount of hair resulting in receding hair lines and balding. In the same way that our skin can't replenish the skin cells that die it also can't release dead skin so it just sits there looking dry, wrinkled and sagging. Not a pretty thought. Hey, it's gonna happen eventually but it's worth it to keep the vitality of your skin as long as you possibly can. Our skin organ needs moisture to create new, softer, plump skin. Give it a fighting chance...DRINK MORE WATER in the winter.

It's so convenient to carry your favorite brand of water with you now that hundreds of companies bottle water and even offer a variety of bottle sizes! You can even mix it up with water some days and a vitamin or sports drink other days. You have OPTIONS!! USE THEM!! YOUR SKIN AND HAIR ARE DEPENDING ON YOU!! Don't let them down!

Ok, that was a little dramatic, but you get the point!

  • Use a Lotion with the Moisture YOU need for YOUR skin and hair

  • Drink water for hair and skin growth and revitalization and for cleansing the inside of your body too.

We've got to be diligent this winter to keep our skin and hair SOFT and MOISTURIZED and be ready in the spring to shed heavy clothing for no sleeves, short skirts and beach wear! Yep, for us older ladies too!! Stop hiding cause you're older. Show it if you got it, even if it sags a little! YOU got one life we can live, YOU get ONE go round in life, HAVE FUN! Screw what other people think! LIVE! and use moisturizer and drink water so they can WISH they were YOU!


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