Self Care

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If you find it difficult to put yourself first when others need you.

Consider this:

You can't help others if you're not there! To help those who depend on you, you need to be healthy and alive. Your health IS their help.

"I just don't know what I'd do without you". Those words are heartwarming but can also be terrifying to hear when you're exhausted and don't have time to do anything for yourself. When you're stretched so thin you need to schedule time to go to the bathroom, it impossible to figure out when you can find "ME TIME".

The truth is you can't afford NOT to find ME TIME! Your ME TIME is the reason you can keep doing what you're doing for everyone who depends on you.

They NEED but so do you!

What you do for your kids, parents, other relatives, friends and being the "go to" girl at work cannot continue to be done if you are hospitalized, weak and broken. And that's what will happen if your body and mind are so stressed and overworked and under rested. Over work, lack of rest and little to no "down time" is a health disaster in the making. You don't have control over when you'll finally break down, but you do have to ability to prevent the break down if your make the difficult decision to MAKE time for down time. What that means is something and someone will have to wait and temporarily be a lower priority so you can take a break.

How do I handle the Guilt?

In the video, Carrie says, I feel guilty if I take time for myself and I feel guilty if I don't. Feeling guilty comes from feeling responsible for a wrong. What have you done wrong?

Consider this:

When you MAKE the time to build yourself back up with rest and stress relieving activities, you are making it possible to do for them now and in the future. Is ensuring long term support for the people who depend on you a guilty feeling?

Can you see taking the time to "build yourself back up, prevent overwhelm and excess stress" as doing something FOR them? You're not taking from them; you're strengthening and rebuilding FOR them. There is no guilt in building yourself up for them. Your "building up" times are much smaller timeframes than the much longer recovery time if your body or mind breaks down.

Take your vacation as a staycation if finance is an issue. Stay at a local hotel using a weekend promo package or stay at a friends' house while they are out of town. You need to change your environment for your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate. A PERSONAL HEALTH DAY is a mental and emotional vacation from the daily stress of your job. Call a respite facility in your neighborhood and schedule someone to help while you take a day away from the stress. Request a vacation day from work once a quarter. Take a sick day if you must...if you're over stressed you ARE sick.

You can't be a blessing to others if you don't bless yourself.

Self Care is POSSIBLE and is NOT dependent on your finances. It's dependent on your DECISION to take time to take care for yourself.

Have a Self-Care Plan designed for YOUR specific schedule. Text "Self Care" to 407 900 0795.

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