REPUBLISH: Ways to let 'em know you're interested without totally embarrassing yourself.

When you're interested in someone who is shy or if you're not sure if they are interested in getting to know you...give 'em a nudge!

The "get to know you" list below could use a few more suggestions. What are YOUR best "get to know you" recommendations?

Add them in the comments below.

Here's the list:

1. Mention to a mutual friend that you'd like to get to know 'em better.

2. Throw a party and invite people that are friends with both of you. Then welcome them an chat with them at the party.

3. Send a funny ecard and be sure your return email address is clearly included.

4. Share a play list with dance music, soulful music and sexy music.

5. Show up at a place you both frequent when you know they'll be there.

- Be careful this could look like staking...actually it might be!

6. Ask for their opinion on something you know they are knowledgable about.

7. Attend an event where you can support 'em.

8. Text or email 'em and ask if they want to meet for coffee to get to know one another.

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