Personalities are best when imperfect!

by Pamela Burks

The BEST pets are the ones with quirky personalities. My Wizard (my dog when I lived in Michigan) was as quirky as they come! But it was his "quirky" that made him special to me and everyone who met him. It was the "quirky" that sometimes made me want to pack him up and take hime to the pound (and once I actually did it!) but its the same "quirky that made him so lovable and was the reason that I think of him today and still smile!

Wizard - My Quirky Personality Dog

Imperfect attributes create perfect personalities!

I guess I'm a bit of a personality "snob". I get bored with only one type of person in my world, and I dislike the "you have to act like this..." type of person. Hope I didn't step on your toes but I don't think you would be HERE, if you were. I need variety in my life. I need the spice of different personalities, lifestyles, perspectives! Those are the things that make people interesting to me. It's the "quirky" that makes unique, interesting people! Can you relate?

I've been quirky all my life which was a problem for me when I was a kid. I looked at others and wondered "what's wrong with me?". I'm so different! and I'm not the only one that realized that I'm "different". the kids in school called me weird, they thought I was "uppidy" and I thought they were "silly". It wasn't a good time for me especially when I showed a little "brain power", then they called me a brainy-ack. Ingenious name don't you think? Like that was insulting to me! especially since I thought they were silly anyway! I tried to "fit in" but I could not stand the stupidity of it all! Why should I hate someone that I admire like they did? Why should I put down the very attributes that I liked in someone else? Like I said...silly! It took a lot of soul searching (which is a feat for a kid) to realize that I didn't want to be "silly" like them and if being smart was weird...bring it on!!! It was then that I embraced my "quirky" and started to be the perfect personality that has brought me to being an Speaker, Coach and Author/Writer with a successful career in Change, Time and Task Management. What are "they" doing now? Who knows, Who cares! I suppose they are still mocking the people they admire and still trying to be a carbon copy of someone else instead of being an ORIGINAL of themselves.

If you're quirky and you know it clap your hands!

I'm quirky and accepting that has made MY life so very much better. It's made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my life. Are you a little quirkly too?

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