Off the Grid for the next two days

Good Sunday Morning!

It's a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day today and I urge you to get out and get some sunshine during the early part of today.

I've been watching the reports of Dorian's path and since Dorian can't make up its mind exactly where it wants to visit, I've decided to find things to do while waiting for and waiting out Dorian's travels.

Waiting for Dorian

Once you have all the supplies you think you'll need for the next few days, there nothing different you need to do with your day! While the weather is nice...get out of the house. You'll be in for the next few days while it's raining, so take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy some outside time.

The vitamins in sunshine will brighten your mood and give your lungs some fresh air. Wear your sunblock, like always, we Floridians forget that WE need sunblock too not just the tourist.

Waiting out Dorian

I'll tell you a little secret. I still keep a coloring book, crayons and a Find-A-Word Activity Book in my house. Not for visiting kids but for me! I once suffered from anxiety attacks and realized that if I could keep myself on a even, level of calm, I could avoid the panic attacks I was experiencing. I tried all the experts suggestions but I found what works best for be my BEST to plan some downtime each day...yes, for me, it's each day. Remember I'm a recovering work-a-holic and stress might as well be my middle name! So, I end my day at about 7pm usually, unless I have active pacific coast or international client. I spend the remainder of the evening ratcheting down so that by 11pm I can sleep. I'm also a former insomniac. In the early part of the evening while folding laundry or sorting, I watch a relaxing movie...I like action movies and will only watch action movies early in the evening. I also like romantic comedies and comedies in general. I can watch these anytime and not interfere in my winding down the day so I can sleep.

I reduce my activities as the night progresses and by 9:30-10pm I'm laying in bed reading a book, listening to music or watching a love story on NetFlix, Roku, Amazon Movies or YouTube.

Oops, I got lost in the conversation....Oh yeah! Suggestions for what to do while waiting out Dorian.

So I've gathered my coloring books and crayons, a book that I haven't finished and one I haven't started and a few magazines. I know we are all "fancy-smancy" with electronic books on our phones and tablets but for the next couple of days, find an actual, physical book for reading. A couple of my physical magazines are new and a few are older ones I haven't read yet. As a PROUD AARP member (yes, I'm getting older) some of the information in the AAPR monthly magazine is very informative and helpful so I like to read know, since the magazine comes monthly anyway. ;-)

I'm a Solitaire Q-U-E-E-N and play to relax my mind while giving my hands something to do (burning off excess energy). Either the Solitaire game app or do you believe it...actual playing cards! Yep, I've made sure that I keep a deck of cards in the house all the times...with the coloring books.

Playing with the deck of cards on a tray table while waiting out Dorian will give me something to do WITHOUT using battery power so I can preserve my cell phone and tablet batteries. I also have two card trivia games. As a movie buff, I like to challenge myself with what I REALLY know about the movies, movie business and movie stars.

If you don't have a few of these items in the house and were wondering what you were going to do the next few days if the power goes out...Drop by a Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Family Dollar near you and pick up something cheap to do. If you've got kids in your house. Buy a thick book and read to them. It will likely put them to sleep and you can have a little peace and quiet IN the house when Dorian passes through.

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