Low Budget Guide to Self Care

Self Care is one of the MOST important things you can do for your well-being

Whether you treat yourself to a full SPA treatment or you take 15 minutes to do something that you enjoy, IT'S IMPORTANT that you give yourself focus.

Typically we place the majority of our focus on others; children, job, spouse, parents, community, you name it we turn our focus externally for the majority of our day. For those fortunate enough to have regular time for yourself, we still need to remember that self talk, thoughts and mental opinions of ourselves need to be "checked on" from time to time.

A "mirror talk" is a good way to "check-in" with yourself. Make sure you aren't missing something (you need) that you're doing without. Just because you don't have a lot of typical, external accountability, doesn't mean you don't have a need for self-care. What's mirror talk? Oh, It's the "girlfriend talk" you have with yourself, when you're alone WITH yourself. It took me years to have mirror talk with myself because:

  1. I'd always "heard" that people who talk to themselves are crazy and

  2. I felt uncomfortable having an honest, no "BS" conversation with myself.

I could lie to anyone, everyone else but not to myself cause I KNOW the truths about me. Believe it or not, that made me uncomfortable. In a mirror talk, I had to face my truths, lies and fears with myself. Some of the things about me that I was ignoring or avoiding, I couldn't ignore and avoid when talking to myself. I had to face my "stuff"!

Having a Mirror Talk conversation

I was hesitant to even consider having a mirror talk with myself but I knew that I am the only one responsible for my well-being. So I started slow, I just checked -in with me at first. I'd ask me: How do I feel - healthwise? Do I need any things replenished - makeup, toiletries? That went on for a little while, until I got more comfortable talking to me. After a few weeks, yes a few weeks, don't judge me ;-), I began to ask me deeper questions, like "Are you happy with your daily life"?, "Do you truly like your job or are you just putting up with it cause it's easier that looking for better one"?

If my conversation got too emotionally intense, I'd back off and tell myself "we'll talk about this more late, and we WILL talk about this". I kept my promise to me. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PROMISES TO YOU! You need to be able to trust yourself to be a women of your word.

SELF-CARE by yourself or with a friend

Self-care can be WONDERFUL when the world has gotten on "your last nerve" and you want to shut it out for a while. Best of all you can "self-care" with a girlfriend. Look at the short list below for easy suggestions then add to it when you think of other "care" things you'd like to do. These are inexpensive and very effective. I use them myself, so I can recommend them with full confidence.

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