Have you stopped holding your breath?

Last night and this morning is evidence that we're past the POTENTIAL danger in central FL from Dorian.

If you are not in FL,USA you may not have known that for the past week we have been watching, preparing and waiting to see if hurricane DORIAN would hit our shores. DORIAN was a BIG, MASSIVE storm that set all time records for is strength and size. Our neighbors to the south and east in the Bahamas WERE hit by the storm and we are still praying for them.

If you spent the past week WORRIED about how bad it might be, your focus was on the negative expectation for the future. It is SMART TO BE PREPARED as much as possible, gathering food, water, flashlights, checking on family and friends, etc. But your MINDSET could have been FOCUSED ON THE POSITIVE from the challenge.

If you spent the past week WORRIED about how bad it might be, you MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY to ENJOY time together with family, sharing a plan for safety, being the example of how to "handle" the unexpected and how community works together.

The time you spent WORRYING, entertained thoughts of damage and fear. You MISSED the opportunity to participate in creating a spirit of banding together and helping one another, a RAINBOW before the storm. Statistics show that in our highly technical communication world, more people feel alone and suffer in solitude than ever before. The potential of danger is sometimes the only thing that pushes us to reach out to one another.

In every storm there is a rainbow.

This morning we woke up with GRATITUDE that the physical danger did not hit us. Could those who saw your frustration and uncertainty while waiting also see your relief and GRATITUDE this morning? What did your EXAMPLE OF HOW TO HANDLE A CHALLENGE teach you about you? We were not hit by DORIAN but our neighbors in the Bahamas were.

Our neighbors in the Bahamas need a RAINBOW. If you can give something to help, do it. If you can't give resources, send comfort through an encouraging FB post or video. Let them know they are in your thoughts. Being ACKNOWLEDGED won't repair homes but will encourage the spirit. BE A RAINBOW.

Facebook: Association of Bahamas Marinas

Facebook: The REAL Bahamas Press

Support for Bahamas communities affected by Hurricane Dorian:

PADF.org and Royal Caribbean International partnership

The Pan American Development Foundation is dedicated to

serving vulnerable people in Latin America and the Caribbean

through sustainable community development.

Facebook Bahamas People Search

WhatsAPP: Team Abacos

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