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I ran across this article and throught I'd share:

“Off-Facebook Activity” tool

How to delete what Facebook knows about your life outside of Facebook

Develop YOUR OWN control over what you share with social media

Create your own security controls

Sharing with Social Media where you are, while you are there, can be dangerous. I recommend you post where you've BEEN not where you are. The change is subtle. Post where you've been AFTER you are no longer there. The selfies, video and check-ins can wait a few hours until you are safely some place else. Don't make it easy for the "unscruplous" to track your movements. Don't make yourself a target.

Share YOU not your friends

Sharing your where abouts and details about your activities is your decision but it's NOT YOUR DECISION TO POST DETAILS ABOUT OTHERS. I've been asked about the longterm friendships I've had, some over 20 years old, and how I have friendships that last so long. My answer? Trust and Discretion! I can be trusted with private and heartfelt information from my friends. I can be trusted NOT to reveal personal information about them...even if I don't think the information is a big deal, if THEY think its a big deal, then it's a big deal for both of us. My friends can trust that I won't betray their Trust and Confidence. My friendship is a NO JUDGEMENT zone. Yes, I have my thoughts and opinions and I'm still the authentic ME. I also know being a REAL friend sometimes inclues "telling it like it is", but I respect my friends feelings by being AS KIND AS POSSIBLE when speaking a truth that is hard for them to hear. No matter how I view their situation, problem, thoughts, fears, worries, challenges, I'm don't hold them to my impressions. Of course, I offer my opinions and give my thoughts but I don't hold them RESPONSIBLE to think the way I think or "do as I say" when offering advice. If you truly LOVE your friends, you love who they are...not what you can change them into with your comments. Opinions are just that, OPINIONS, not dictates for their next steps. Accept that your friends may not follow your advice and if their decision did not bring them to their desired result, be there for them, don't berate them, don't "I told you so.." them. They don't need that if things went wrong. They need a FRIEND.

Think about it first

If you've ever been "betrayed" by a friend, you know that hurt is DEEP! Don't betray others and don't accept repeated betrayal (once is a mistake, twice is not thinking about) from others. THINK about what you post before you start posting. If your post includes them, make a CONSCIOUS decision to post only what you and they are comfortable with in your social media groups.

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