Having a party? Alcohol Pinata...Yep, It's a Thing!

It's Summer and a booze pinata sounds YUMMY!


Welcoming New neighbors or just "let your hair down" client party! Consider an Adult Pinata!

Nipyata! An alcohol Pinata!

An Alcohol filled pinata with candy chasers. Yep! It's a thing, started in 1836! It's a fun drinking party--better than Hallmark drinking game? Maybe not-- and everyone can play because the bottles are just airplane size. ;-).

But keep the dog away from them...

Outdoor parties, with a fence around the yard, to keep your pinata players from getting out, is great fun in the fall! And every celebration goes better with a little NIP!

Whether you're welcoming new neighbors or hosting a "let your hair down" client party, It's hard to turn down a pinata! Alcohol and candy! what's better?!

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