Are you an ACTIVE Couch Potato?

by Pamela Burks

Keeping healthy is key to living an enjoyable life all the way to the end! The most difficult healthy activity is ACTIVITY! For me, TAKING the time to "sweat" is not the 1st thing on my daily agenda but like all of us, getting that exercise is CRITICAL to being and staying physically healthy. The video below is from the TV show "Just Ask" founded and hosted by Marsha Florence. The segment below is focused on Fitness: activity levels and coordination. The "eye opener" for me is not getting ENOUGH activity! WHAT!?! I thought ANY activity was enough! Apparently that's not true.

Watch the Video to learn how to build physical mobility "confidence", keep hips strong, build knee strength and create more "control" over your mobility life.

Margo is AMAZING!

Did you know there are 6 KEY factors that determine how "fit" you are to care for yourself? I didn't until my Mom had several strokes. Her doctor checked these 6 areas to determine if he would recommend she be moved to an elder care facility.

I realized these 6 critical factors are HIGHLY impacted by the way we care for ourselves BEFORE we have medical illiness. KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.

The 6 Daily Living Activities are: self Dressing, self Feeding, self Bathing, Transfering (alone or with minimal help - this means standing or moving from a chair or bed), Tolieting and Cognition.

The most pain I've even seen on my Mothers face was when she had to be "changed" by a stranger in the nursing home. I can still see her face...still makes me cry when I think about it. I hate that she had to endure that indiginity. I don't want that indiginity for myself either.

The best way to manage a problem (requiring daily activity care) is to prevent the need for it!

MY personal campaign to ensure I have MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY and AGILITY to perform these 6 CRITICAL KEY FACTORS in the future is in FULL EFFECT with enrollment in a Dance Fitness program. I'm taking dance fitness classes with Sassycise Fitness on Monday nights in Longwood, FL. 1 hour of training with "homework" to practice the cardio and mobility workouts. I like Sasycise Fitness because the workouts use popular music that I can find on iHeart or Pandora or Youtube to exercise. Yesterday we did "Electric Slide" cardo...Yeah I can still wiggle my "tail" and swing my arms! I'm even getting my coordination back. I hate that I'm moving away from this training classes but I'm hoping the online training will begin so that I can continue working out in a way that I enjoy!

Whatever YOU enjoy doing that creates more MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY and AGILITY do it NOW. The best DEFENSE is a good OFFENSE. Start NOW to be mobile in your future!

All my Best!

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