7 Ways You’ve Never Heard of Before to Look Stylish on a Budget

Tip #3



Avoid Super High Heels

Walking around like a newborn fawn isn’t a great look. Heels and platforms that are disproportionately high cheapen your look and throw off your balance, both literally and figuratively.

There are ways to give yourself some extra height other than wearing an extreme heel. Making sure your pants are hitting at your best length and wearing elongating necklaces and necklines can add the appearance of height.

You’ll also dumb down your look if your shoes are ill-fitting. If you can slide your finger between your heel and the back of your shoe, they don’t fit. If you keep stepping out of your shoe, it’s time to donate.


Get your Balance and Swagger Back!

by Pamela Burks

As I've "matured" I've found Super High Heels are not as easy to wear as they once were. Shifting from a "party girl" to a "grandmotherly type" is a very different activity level. The Lifestyle Transition wasn't all my choice but keeping a little "party girl" in the older girl is my goal. I still party but I don't close the place! :-).

While I still like the look for my legs in a higher heel, physical balance can be a challenge. I've found exercise and particularly dance exercise is an excellent way to get steadiness back in my swagger and even get my swagger back!

The first dance classes I became aware of was the Jazzercise of a few years ago. Today there are all types of music genre dance classes: Country and Western Line dancing, Step Ballroom Dancing and my favorite Sassycise Fitness Dance.

I attended a Sassycise Fitness Dance class last night that worked on cardio and coordination. Our instructor recommends we dance in a comfortable shoe and I prefer to dance in a shoe with a heel. I wore a low heel sandal with straps around the ankle so it would not come off my feet. Our cardio song was the "electric slide" and we bumped up the coordination with a more intricate dance step to a faster song along with core body strengthening exercises in between.

Our instructor will tell you, "You can't dance in them, if you can't walk in them, and You can't walk in them, if you can stand in them. Let's get balanced!

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